Mechanical Karl Lagerfeld dolls in one of the many Chanel holiday windows at Printemps,
Paris. Photo Olivier Zahm



I wish I could be there today...!

The Pedro Almodóvar Archives    

The complete works of Pedro Almodóvar: a personal journey with one of contemporary cinema's most esteemed film artists, made with Almodóvar's collaboration and with full access to his archives


Pina Bausch//Wim Wenders

Dancing through the dark, Pina Bausch finds a ray of light..."I'm not interested in how people move; I'm interested in what makes them move." - Pina Bausch.
Finally, the movie PINA of Wim Wenders is in cinemas in Norway! I just loved every second of it- and I can't wait to see the Vollmond live in the Opera hous this month.


Organizing in the entry way

The new bench in our entry way. Nomi seems to like to have order in her things and now it is so much more fun to hang up jackets and put shoes in their right place.
The wall painting is from

Pure & Original-Fresco Deep Earth