I found some old photos yesterday- some pics from the the beginning of 2000... 

My studio wall from 2003...

Josephine Baker postcard

tourists by LaChapelle

danseuse-ètoile de I'Opera de Paris

masks from a marked in Paris

 paintings of Geishas in 2000

Postcard of sweetheart floating on giant waterlily leafs

In a national park-China 2001

drawing, oil and collage 2001

Alec Wek collage 2000

Tori Amos by David LaChapelle


Friday I'm In Love.....

Moving in slowly...but Dora and the kitchen are on the right spot in Nomis new room and she feels like home!

The first friend and neighbour Nora

Nomis number one favorite..Sushi and all kinds of seafood...
 Maybe it's in her genes since her father is a marine biologist... ;)

NAM- cheddar popcorn...

Nomi loves Fridays... yes, we all do!! yesterday we made zucchini carbonara with chicken and asparagus and that is easy and very tastful. I found these recipes on this fabolouse blog:



Nice stuff from Urban Outfitters homeware:


Far-Far tiles, oriental patterns in Oslo


I would like some of these in my hallway!

Check out more info on this website: