The shocking tragedy in Norway!

That attack and the massive explosion that targeted government buildings in the heart of Oslo yesterday is a terrible fact in Norrway today. Friday's shooting attack at the ruling Labour Party's youth camp that police said left at least 84 dead people. The attack came shortly after an explosion in the Norwegian capital of Oslo that killed seven people, raising the combined death toll in both attacks to 91. All my thoughts goes to all the familys involved in this! This is heartbreaking!!

Just a normal day at work

 Studio details

Looking forward to the next two exhibitions in August!
 Here's some sneak peaks of the new paintings

(this painting I made in the 90's- it is a portrait of my sister.
 Please tell me if you have seen this, it is sadly stolen from me!!)

Jane Austen... flowers in my studio...


Birthday Party

the biggest cupcake tower ever...

Ofelia's lovely birthday party in the park at Ekeberg in june

Toys and ART

Designed by Libuše Niklová (1934-1981)
Wonderful plastic art! These are collector's items and the toys are currently on show in the Musèe des Arts dècoratifs in Paris