The Old Sunshine Mirror On The Wall...

Nomi and I made this little installation today, old things looks better together
 and up on the wall...


Nomi Maria's room

Dora Dora Dora dolls and my antique wooden stool. Mushroom lamp from Ruth 66

Fiona Hewitt bag from Ruth 66

Vintage doll house furnitures from my mom's childhood

Antique rocking horse

Beaded friends from Monkeybiz

LILLA//PURPLE in my Art and Interior

I use Purple in many of my art works...
more LILLA at NIB
And more art on my website:

Hun var der...

Underlig strand

Now and Then

The Moon Garden

Behind Closed, Eyes Installation

Installation at Bymuseet. Photo: Bymuseet

I  also like the color purple in my Interior...

...and of course in my garden...

Have a nice day! -Gro


Spike Jonze Flip Books: I'm Here

MUST HAVE!!!..Peter Doig Towel

I love this Eagle Talon Necklace in bronze plet from Pamela Love!

opening ceremony at ace hotel